Why is this girl that rejected me trying to compete with me in every aspect of life?

There’s this girl that I liked and pursued, but she turned me down. Ever since then, I’ve tried to be nice and remain friends, but she’s been really competitive with me and I don’t get why.

Here’s some examples:
1. A few months ago, I bought a new house. She asked me a bunch of questions about it like how much my mortgage is, HOA fees are, and how many bedrooms & bathrooms I had. Skipping forward to today, she’s trying to find a house that’s about the same size, cheaper, and with more land. She even bragged about how much money she saved up, which is more than I did.

2. I also told a group of friends how grad school was going for me since I’m getting my masters. She was quiet, then started to brag about her certification that’s gonna get her an automatic promotion and a higher salary.

3. She and I both drive luxury cars. She just paid off her BMW and was so glad she doesn’t have a car note anymore. I have 2 years to go on my car and she tried to guilt me for it, said I should’ve bought a cheaper car.

I don’t get it at all. She’s a bit older than me and maybe she feels like I’m doing better in life and she’s insecure about it. I don’t care where she’s at or anyone else is for that matter. I only care about character and personality. She had a nice one before she rejected me. I even tried to help her look for an apartment last year before I started my house hunt. I don’t brag at all or talk too much about my accomplishments because it seems to only bring out the worst in some people.
Why is this girl that rejected me trying to compete with me in every aspect of life?
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