Does she want something more from me?

I met this woman at my first job almost 7nyears ago. She was a few years older and had a very young baby, and we had a strange flirtatious vibe with eachother.
When I left the company, we talked more, and we even went out on a date, but it didn't move forward because I wasn't ready at 18 to be any sort of father figure to her kid.
I dated someone else, and she soon got married, but my relationship ended terribly and her relationship became abusive and she filed for divorce. At the time I hung out with her son often, and she would comment I was a better father than his dad or her ex husband. She seemed to push the issue, but I wasn't ready for a relationship, and she would start telling me about the dates she was going on.
She laster got engaged and invited me to the wedding, but I never got the invite, and I didn't know when or where it was and I didn't expect a wedding so soon. She was very mad I didn't come, and she insisted she sent me an invite, but I never got it.
It's been two years and we haven't talked since then.

I got back on Facebook with a new account over a year ago, and today she sent me a friend request. And I just don't understand why. She pushed me out of her life both times she was married, and only brought me around in the past when things didn't go well.

I just feel like something is off with this.
Does she want something more from me?
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