Girls, My girlfriend acts weird, can you guys let me know what’s going on?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for about 10 months and our relationship started out with me cheating with her on my ex. We started out great and now it seems like she’s comfortable and likes the power she has over me. I’m very passive and when I try to get my point across she always says I’m arguing or acting like a girl. Her best friend constantly wants her to go out for a “girls night” but everytime they do they always end up with some group of people, some of whom both of them have slept with. To me that’s not a “girls night” , right? Now I say I want to join them because I haven’t been out with them in months and she says no. I’ve expressed the fact someone she works with bothers me that they have a friendship still, because they’ve expressed deep love for each other and she told me “she’s my friend and she’s going to stay my friend” and I had to accept that because I was wrong. She’s super possessive when any girls are looking at me, or commenting on my pictures, but when I do it it’s crazy and she’s allowed to have friends. Her friends always have her side and no one understands my side, I just don’t know if I’m crazy or just naive , but I feel like there’s other things going on, and she’s good at hiding it but she always says she’s never cheated and won’t cheat, but I’ve been cheated on, and I’ve Felt these things before and my gut has never been wrong. How should I handle any of this. I am so close to a mental breakdown I need advice. Please help a guy out.
Girls, My girlfriend acts weird, can you guys let me know what’s going on?
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