Girls, Do you females have more of an upper advantage in life?

I say yes, and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. People today normalize bad behaviour by feminists and consider it “uplifting” or “inspirational”. Bad behaviour meaning disrespectful or condescending to others. Other aspect is there are viral videos of YouTubers or shows demonstrating how people would react if a male was being verbally abusive to a woman, then a woman being verbally/physically abusive to a man. Usually the woman who needs help will get help but the man in the same situation won’t. I also think when it comes to dating, it’s no surprise that yes, people want sex, it’s what most of us desire. Women and girls get courted more by the opposite sex. If a girl is playful and flirty that can be considered awesome. If a man flirts with a random would he risks the chance of being screamed at or assaulted. When it comes to legal cases or legality of things, women often deal with shorter sentences then a man would, that’s not right because I believe in a fair justice system.

Just to end off, I don’t hate women, I’m just pointing out certain aspects behind things. I support women or girls being strong physically/mentally, to be independent, be a doctor or lawyer, make her own decisions & etc. But as a guy regardless of what gender it is, inequality shouldn’t exist and there should not be barriers or easing on certain things for different groups. Yes, if I saw a woman get sexually assaulted by other guys I would fight them so she’s safe. Or if a woman is pregnant then she should be taken care of properly.
Girls, Do you females have more of an upper advantage in life?
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