⚠️ Guys listen up⚠️?

~~things girls like (most)~~

1. food we love foodd!

2. when you send us sweet texts

3. when you show that you love us

4. when you notice things about us (like new clothings or haircuts)

5. when you are a gentleman

6. when you listen to what I have to say and is understanding

7. When you like us for who we are

8. When your open minded

9. when your honest

10. when you have self confidence and take care of yourself

~~Things girls hate (most)~~

1. when you are too clingy and don’t give us some space

2. when you don’t care about us at all

3. when you use us for something

4. when you think periods are gross

5. when you think we’re your maid

6. when you send d picks

7. when you ask for nudes

8. when you only care about sex

9. when you flirt with other girls

10. when you hurt your self (we care about you)

11. when your a show off

~most of us don’t care about your height if your 6ft or not

~most of us are not great at deciding so please don’t be mad if we don’t know where we should eat

~we can be sensitive sometimes so please be patient with us

and if your a guy reading this
-I’m a girl and I don’t have a guy POV so if you could list things that guys like and don’t it will be appreciated
⚠️ Guys listen up⚠️?
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