What is this girls issue and how do I make people believe she is the bad one not me?

I recently lost my job and have been desperately looking for a new one. I don't know how but a girl i used to go school with got word i lost my job and offered me one at her dad's pub.

When we were at school together she was always kinda annoying. She'd always belittle me by talking to me like a child and telling me i was cute but in a patronising manner. I was always very shy in school and i think she thought it was funny to try and embarrass by telling i was cute and making a song and dance how small i am and the fact i have a baby face. She'd always try to hug me class and touch my hair and face cheeks, like i was a baby but do it in a way were she could make me feel embarrassed yet look like she was just being nice. She also hated the fact the guy she had a crush on, always stuck up for me and would tell her to stop.

So anyway i was kinda dreading it but i actually thought it was really kind of her to offer me a job and i was desperate.
When i got there she said she'd start me off as a pot washer, little did i know id ve washing pots with my ex boyfriend.

For the sake of work me and my ex deicided to be friends and try to get along. He kinda warned me, this girl can of be high maintenance.

she said how sorry she was but she'd made me work with my ex and said if i was ever uncomfortable but i could tell her about it and she was just trying to get me to open up about are past relationship. I didn't tell her anything. It might seem like she's being nice but i know her and she knows exactly what she's doing. She wants me to open to her so she can stair the pot more and she deliberately put me working with my ex to piss me off.

So anyway i was on my break and i was sitting outside the kitchen on some grass whilst she was sitting on a bench talking to her boyfriend not to fair away. I was making a daisy chain and once i was done i left it in the grass. She saw what i did and shouted "put that in the bin now".
11 mo
I didn't like how she spoke to me and i didn't see the big I just said "no". She followed me and kept repeating herself. I just kept on laughing and i said " i don't see what the big deal is, no". I went back to my work station and my ex said he saw everything from the window and just said to stay close to him. Later on her dad called me outside and she was there looking really angry. He asked me what i did but before i could open my mouth she then accused me of pushing her.
11 mo
"whatever im not dealing with this" and walk back to my work area then her boyfriend held me back as if i was starting a fight. My ex even started taking their side. I just kept saying "I've done nothing get off me".

She looked so smug whilst wiping away her fake tears and 10 minutes later was all smiles and laughter again. Now im going on a disciplinary and everyone at work thinks im a psycho when in fact she is the psycho.
What is this girls issue and how do I make people believe she is the bad one not me?
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