Can my ex be prank calling me?

Today, I got a no caller Id call, picked up and a girl said I’m your secret admirer, I don’t give my phone to many, Even so it’s my guy friends. My ex and a few others girls have it, but those can’t really do this call. Now, back in November my ex blocked me ( I feel her boyfriend forced her to block me) and I think after a few days I got a call saying, “I like u” and that “your friend (name) gave me your number” and so, after we broke up, I told my friend to add her and so of course that’s is convincing?
Now, last summer, my ex added me behind her bfs back, and talked and we met, and she asked me stuff if I found anyone. So, I guess she kind of likes me or even has feelings. But I don't know any more, but yes she was talking to me behind her boyfriend and our convos would be like flirt kind. So, can it be my ex who called?
Can my ex be prank calling me?
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