Is person a totally in the wrong here or is person b for saying anything at all?

Person A and person B have been good friends for over 20 years. Person B is trying to get pregnant with her fiancé. Person B drinks heavily each and every day to the point of not being coherent. Person A asked if person B if she would prefer the dinner party on Saturday was alchohol free since she is trying and could be pregnant. Person B said no and this conversation followed:
Person B: Iif my first born gets fetal alcohol syndrome from the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, Steve and I will manage (he’s Catholic and open to all disabilities)
Person A. Oh.. ok, wouldn’t it be best to just quite now tho? Sorry it’s not my place to preach but I mean..
Person B. No I wil love my child no matter what. I’m just happy to bring someone into this world love will override guilt. I heard only the last 6 weeks is when u need to quit (don’t know if that’s true but it doesn’t matters. I think your concern is none of your buisness and is hypocritical since you had an abortion once”
Person A. What? What does that have to do with anything. I am sorry, but what are you taking about? That’s great your love will override your guilt but it won’t override brain damage, stunted growth, social disorders, and all the other terrible burdens children with FAS face. All I am saying is that wouldn’t it be better to avoid a possibility for guilt and give the child the best potential life possible
Person b: Steve and I will know what to do and we are going to love them regardless. Dumb people get thrown wildcards al the time
And they are fine.
Person A... huh?
Person B: I don’t think I went to come for a visit anymore. You snort cox’s in and I don’t judge u
“Person A: I was not trying to judge you! What the hell! And why are you bringing up my past addictions? And yes They are in my past! And I was not trying to become pregnant while in these addiction..
Is person a totally in the wrong here or is person b for saying anything at all?
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