Should I continue to stay in touch?

She asked me about everything, dating life and relationships. We had a good time and had not seen in over a year. It feels as if though she is not into her relationship anymore for the following reasons: she first told me she was not in a relationship, then paid attention to what my reaction was. After I did not react she said she was in a relationship but never really jad the chance to meet others.

She was very enthusiastic about meeting again. We were in fact close to having a relationship a year ago but then both left off to move elsewhere. Now we are back it is easier to get in touch.

So, it is not easy to let go since we get along so well. Moreover I feel that her relationship is not good based on what she told and her behaviour. Still wrong to pursue contact and possibly more? I think it is easy to say it is wrong but with these specifics and no cheating involved it us possible to make other choices I guess and see where it goes. Any experiences?
Should I continue to stay in touch?
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