Should I keep the $100 my coworker gave me?

My coworker who has feelings for me randomly gave me $100 last week for “wasting my time.” I’ve tried to give it back a couple times and she insists I take it. I feel bad taking it but arguing back and forth about it is getting tiring

My coworker has had a crush on me for a while and she gave me the silent treatment for months after I told her that I didn’t feel the same way. I told her respectfully but she’s constantly posting about being suicidal and I’m apparently one of the reasons why. (And I hate to say it, but a lot of the suicidal stuff she’s posts seems to be for attention. I think its pretty obvious)

She says she’s never been in a relationship before and really wanted to be with me, and doesn’t think she will find anyone like me.

Last week, she called me and told me she left an envelope on my back door. It was $100 and a card that said “Sorry for wasting your time” and she says that she owes me for the time I’ve spent with her. I tried to insist that she’s giving it to me for no reason but she won’t listen.

tonight I invited her over because she wanted to talk about how she’s feeling. She just went into more detail about her feelings for me and how she’s upset that I’m in a relationship now. I tried to just tell her respectfully that I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way but she will find a guy soon.

Which just led to her going off on me about how she thinks I don’t like her because of her weight and her ranting about being worthless, and implying she wanted to kill her self. After she left, she STILL left the $100 and insists that I keep it... but I feel like I would be a horrible person for taking it.

(I realize $100 isn’t THAT much in the end. But it’s just the fact she’s giving it to me for no reason and how I’m the reason she’s so hurt. She even gifted me a $60 hoodie which I accepted and I still feel bad for even taking that)

this whole situation is honestly fucking exhausting to me
Keep the money. It’s been a week and she still refuses to take it back so just take it
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Try to give the money back at least one last time.
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Should I keep the $100 my coworker gave me?
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