Should I cut my losses?

I met this girl on Bumble, got her snap, and the first two days of texting was great. We were laughing at each other’s jokes, funny experiences, and getting to know each other. She ended up giving me her number & started texting on there. I know she’s a very studious, straightforward, and level-headed person. She told me that she doesn’t mind going on date but she has to catch up notes & assignments for her classes. She tends to respond instantaneously to my texts or comeback to it later on. Yet she never initiate or finish the conversation.

Today, I decided not to text her first and I didn’t heard a word from her. I figured she busy with her school work. I checked Snapchat to text a friend then I saw the girl been posting on her story. Later on, I sent a text and she responded immediately after I sent my text. I feel like I’m playing myself or something. Should I cut my losses or try something else?
Should I cut my losses?
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