How to piss her off?

I’m debating on pissing this girl off and then ignoring her if she ever tries to message me again. We went on a date before but she wasn’t feeling anything so we remained “friends”. I still like her a lot more than friends so I know why its obviously pissing me off. I feel like she doesn’t really care that much about us being friends.

I’m usually the one that initiates talking or asking to hangout. When I do text her to me it doesn’t even seem like she wants to talk half the time. She will reply to me a couple times and then just stop all of a sudden even if I ask her a question. It makes me feel like an idiot, confused, and like I’m annoying her or something. It makes me mad.

She’s told me before that she’s bad at texting and that she’s not ignoring me she just forgets I guess but I don't know what to believe. I kind of feel like she’s just being nice because she knows I like her but is actually annoyed by me but that could just be my insecurity talking. A couple times I’ve thought about asking her if she actually wants to be friends with me or not but if I’m overreacting it’s going to make me look like an ass. I’m kind of cynical.

Anyways it’s still pissing me off but I don't know what I’m going to do yet. I kind of just want to piss her off and ignore her at this point because it’s making me feel like shit. What are some way I could do that?
How to piss her off?
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