Did my friend ghost me?

I used to be best friends with this girl I knew for years!! She was the one I could call on for practically anything, so I thought.

Inspite of how wonderful she seemed, I found her behavior toxic and she needed to go. 1st, she's always siding with people who hurt me by making up excuses for them. 2nd, she's always trying to control me. 3rd, she'd go on about how my ex is a jerk and she can't believe how he treated me. Yet, she's always raving about how he's "so good looking," "he's so muscular" (basically the "friend" that trashes my man but wants to f**k him).

What finally did it was...
In 9 mts, we've only hung out once WEEKS after my b'day. She always has some bs excuse as to why she can't get together. Yet she's always hanging out with her other friends. I even saw her at the mall with her other friend and she got all nervous. Like she's been caught red handed, stuttering and fumbling for an excuse.

Anyways, she moved far away and that's when I noticed she'd call me almost every day. When she's in a place where she had no one. Then she came back to town to visit for almost 4 months and didn't once make the effort to hang out. Yet ALWAYS hanging with her other friends (she accidentally let that slip). She called/texted 3-4 times during her visit.

Then I didn't hear from her for over 2 months until she decided to call me. By then, she had already left well over a month ago! It's bad enough that she didn't care to make the effort to ONCE see me and barely even talk to me while she was here. But, she left without telling me bye!! And decides to call me a month AFTER she left!! With bs excuses like: "I tried to call and there was no answer," which is crap coz I can see she didn't call. Another excuse was, "I had to buy a suitcase."

It's clearly obvious she ghosted me and it backfired on her because now she's back in a place where she has no one why she decides to start calling me. That really hurts.

Am I right to cut her off? Or am I overreacting?
Did my friend ghost me?
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