What should I do about this? PLEASE HELP?

There were awful winds going on outside and the windows were shaking. I was asked to babysit my friend's 16yr old daughter whilst they are on holiday because she refused to go with them. Anyway tonight she asked if she could lay next to me and fall asleep because she is afraid. I just thought that's fine because she appeared really uncomfortable.
Anyway we went to sleep amd I woke up middle of night and she was under the covers topless and my hand was on her boobs. I didn't put my hand there and it seems like she put my hand there because her hand was on top.
I removed my hand and turned over.
Im acting like it didn't happen for now but she seems to be really happy this morning.
1 y
She said she wants to sleep on my bed again tonight, please help.
1 y
we had sex
What should I do about this? PLEASE HELP?
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