Girls, I need advice for more mature women (45yo and up)?

So ever since I was 13 I was extremely attracted even intimidated by friend's mother the first time I saw her in 2011 I immediately had a crush on her, it's not just physical, it's just how composed and beautiful she was I even remember the red strapless dress she wore that day on her son's birthday party. However, in the years that have passed I just kept admiring her from a distance while keeping it as my little secret. Unfortunately, her husband passed away a year and a half ago it has been a painful period on her and she is still gets medications along with strong family support. Yesterday I saw her again, even though she's now 51 and I'm 22 I still think that my feelings for her haven't changed. I start shaking and sweating when she talks to me even though I am usually confident with girls and the thought of conveying of expressing my feelings to her hasn't left my mind ever since. As I don't want to ruin my relationship with my close friend and his family I'm thinking of expressing my opinion anonymously, perhaps I could send her a letter without giving her hints about who I am.
Do you think she would like the idea of having a secret admirer in these circumstances or is it going to put her mental health and my relationship with her and my close friend at risk?
Girls, I need advice for more mature women (45yo and up)?
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