Are the girls around me really my friends?

I am the President of the Photography Club at our school. I have been interested in photography since I was a kid and it is something I want a career in.

I have many high-end cameras and most of the time at school I spend clicking photos.
Recently I have been feeling that all the girls that are my friends or want to become friend are only doing so that they can use me to click their pics.

I don't mind clicking pics of my friends , on the contrary I am happy. But recently almost every girl ( about 20-30 ) who has approached me talk to me about nothing but just this.
Like I would be alright if they at least talked to me about other things as well and not just clicking their pics

although there are about 5-6 girls who are really my friend. I am just concerned about the others , how can I avoid them without being rude. I don't mind if they ask for clicking pics but it is pissing me off that they claim that " we are friends" but every time they come up to me it's for their own purpose. They never bother talking about anything else
Are the girls around me really my friends?
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