Thank you for your words?

I was courting this girl I liked before she had to leave for a good while. I told her I would wait for her to return. I sent sweet text for roughly 5 months, checking in on her. She never failed to respond. Then I went dark for about a month and a half. Long distant connection feel empty after a while. There are certain things you can’t express.

Then I broke the silence, I told her when she left I spent my days looking for her eyes. That I met many women, looked into many of their eyes, but that none of them drew me in like her. I told her I didn’t care if anyone has won her attention while she’s been away. That I would win her back when she returned because she’s the girl I wanted.

I then told her I knew how hard her job was. That I hoped she was well. And sent her a bunch of hearts.

she answered with, “Thank you for your words.” She then went on to tell me she was well. That her work was hard, but that she was giving it her all.

she usual sends kisses, smiling emojis. Is she still interested?
Thank you for your words?
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