What should I assume by this? Is she interested?

My crush and I used to travel to our colleges through same bus and also used to share same cab. We know each other since two years. We were in our final year of college. She gave me all the signs like staring deep into my eyes and smiling. But I rarely got to meet her because timing was different and only talked basic things like introduction. One time I was caught looking at her account on a food ordering website as I accidentally followed her. I later apologized on Instagram to her but she didn't reply for two months then I deleted the messages. But she behaved normally as she used to. I also ignored her one time when I saw her at the bus stop because I was sad because of my grades. After that I haven't talked with her but seen her ignoring me one time when she walked past me but she has done that before maybe she didn't want to be seen with me in public. Now because of the pandemic situation I can't get the chance to meet and talk to her since we aren't going to our colleges. So I messaged her on instagram again and this time I sent a follow request on instagram. This is what I wrote in the message:"HeyRemember me? We used to travel to our colleges together in the busFound you in the suggestions so thought of adding you"I sent her this message 12 days ago but she still hasn't replied yet. What does it mean? Should I take it as she is not interested?
What should I assume by this? Is she interested?
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