Girls, Why did she finally accept me on social media?

Kinda complicated and difficult to fully explain. But years a go , I met a girl at college before starting university. It was kinda clear we liked each other and had some attraction because we kept looking at each other, always try and be around each other and she would get annoyed and go red if she saw me with other girls and avoid me.
I was really nervous and liked her and felt bad I hadn’t spoke to her or tried to. So after a while I fathomed the courage to approach her on our way into college. I slurred my words and was nervous but forced myself to introduce myself. She was really nice and kind and knew why I had began talking, every lunch on a Thursday I would sit and chat to her and her friends. I was always nervous because I liked her a lot, I’d compliment her and take an interest in her. She was nervous , always playing with hair and stuff. I was too. Everytime I was around she would talk to her friends about me. However, she didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend. Which annoyed me, so I avoided her in college. Once she wore lots of make up and waited for me to come for lunch and I didn’t go. Her friends kept looking around for me and she looked upset. but I kinda disappeared for months.

when I returned she was watching me from the window and looked really sad when I saw her. I spoke to my friends she stared at me. I found out her boyfriend is controlling and manipulative. And wouldn’t let her study at university where she wanted or even have males on her social media without causing arguments. And manipulate her.

She is quite a insecure person , I asked her before the end of college to have me on social media but she wouldn’t because of him. Obviously it hurt. But there was reasons. So it’s been a few years, I requested to add her on Instagram and Facebook. She had me pending for ages, the. Found out her friends follow me. She accepted then quickly blocked and unblocked me , I requested again then months and months later she added out of nowhere.
1 y
She is still with her boyfriend I believe , also he made her originally delete her Facebook. And she only has girls on social media. Not sure why now she randomly added me back when she ha some pending for months (years). There is more to the situation but I tried to explain to this best of my ability given the word count
Girls, Why did she finally accept me on social media?
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