😬😲😭😩 Need some advice?


I have been in a long term relationship (9 years on and off). My SO left me over an argument. Which he has done many times over the years. After he left I had a mutual friend of ours, want to "talk"(because he is in a very complicated relationship with his ex), which in my mind I really thought that was what he wanted... because he had NEVER been out of the way or inappropriate with me! Well, one thing led to another... Y'all know how this story goes... And he said A LOT of things (like he has had feelings for me forever) to me the night this happened, but we haven't seen each other since. And I feel used and lied to. Even though he says we are still friends. Right after it happened I tried to talk to him about it and he said he just needed some time?
My question is what would you think if your were in this situation? How would you feel? I'm not the person that does things like this, EVER!

Confused and Sad

P. S. I think he may have used me to get back at his ex because she was with one of ex friends?
😬😲😭😩 Need some advice?
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