Argument with depressed female best friend?

Thanks in advance for any help, my best friend who is a girl and we are extremely close for years now had an argument she suffers from depression and is under a lot of stress, it started by me asking if I had upset her , I could see she wasn't ok she instantly got mad over that and said "it's not about you don't make it about you" I calmy backed off and let her be the next day I tried talking to her to apologize and see how she is doing and she was still upset and said she felt like I was smothering her with the questions , I was merely trying to apologize and help , again I backed off and let her be and did not contact her the following day due to her remark about feeling smothered, so she got mad at me for not texting her and said I don't care and blew up at me again , I reamained calm as possible and basically let her fight with me , she told me she loved me but she's not doing ok , now she's not talking to me I've tried two times to contact her and nothing, do I give her space and let her reach out in her own time? I know this is lengthy thanks for any help.
Argument with depressed female best friend?
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