Should I ditch my "Friends"?

First of all, I have been friends with these two girls for about 2 years. For the first time in 2 years of us being friends, the one one time I needed them they weren't there for me at all. I had just broken up with my first boyfriend of 3 years and 24 hours after wards, I had met up with my "friends" for somewhat of consolidation. I will admit it, yes, I was putting on an act but c' mon it couldn't break down in front of them because it wasn't appropriate in the setting we were in. I just broke up with my boyfriend less than 24 hours before. Anyways, when I told them everything that led to the break- up they were laughing and joking and interrupting me the whole time So I went home that day and did not hear again from them until 1 month later. They texted me that They will always be here for me. Haha yeah right! A month after that, I forgave them and they promised to be better friends to me. One month after that, Its My birthday. One completely forgot about it till a week later (even though I told her less than 2 weeks before when my birthday was) and the other one invited me over to her house
only to spend her whole time completing her homework that she had been procrastinating. And I was sitting there bored asf (I should've left becausd I didn't get home until 12 am). I admit it, I wasted my time. And these girls have proven to me on two different occasions that they are not my so-called "friends."

Anyways, I have a gut feeling that I definitely do not need these girls in my life anymore but. . . What do you think? Do you have a similar experience? Tell it to me straight. Am I overreacting?
Thank you =)
Should I ditch my "Friends"?
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