She's purposely trying to piss me off, right? Why hasn't anyone in my friend group stood up for me?

My "friend" told me she cheated on her current boyfriend of 5 years with one of his current best friends. I had an issue with it and brought it up to her after she told me about it. I just wanted to tell her that I don't like knowing, I felt bad for her boyfriend, and I'm going to distance myself a bit. She said she understood, but shortly after accused me of trying to break them up. Her boyfriend's best friend (the one she cheated with) also accused me of this. We made up for the sake of our friend group. Little did I know, her boyfriend also thought I had made stuff up and tried to break them up (I wonder who told him that).

3 months later and here we are, this girl and her boyfriend are trying to convince the others to not let me go on this trip. I was originally lied to about who didn't want me to come, and became very confused when that person texted me asking why I wasn't anymore. I eventually find out from my best friend that it's this girl and her boyfriend that are behind it.

I haven't heard from this girl once since I found out about this. But, oh boy, has she made sure to cling onto my best friend. I messaged the guys when I found out who actually didn't want me to come. I told them I wasn't coming on the trip, that I wish they wouldn't talk behind my back, and then exclude me w/o any outward explanation. That night, this girl asks my best friend if she can come over and talk, she talked bad about me to my best friend, and made sure to post a snapstory so I knew that she had been there. Then she asks my best friend to hang out the next two nights in a row. My best friend did, because she's recently started her first relationship with one of the other guys. I decided to remove myself from the groupchats w/ this group bc none of them were acknowledging what had happened. I was hurt, and it was a constant reminder.

Now this girl is posting on her ig story about "toxic people". I unfollow and then she changes her bio to "I love my life and I love my friends".
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She's purposely trying to piss me off, right? Why hasn't anyone in my friend group stood up for me?
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