Close female friend of 7 years, threw an off-hand comment which has angered me a bit. Is there a reason for what she said, and should I be upset?

Hi everyone,

A bit perplexed with my gal pal. I am 26, she is the same age. We use to work together 7 years ago, and have been great friends ever since. We have helped each other through bad times, and have often crashed on each others couches etc.

I see her as one of 2 friends I can truly rely on, and she says the same about me.

Recently as lockdown has impacted social outings, we have been going to a secluded lake for bbq's and such. A group of her friends, and mine. Usually be about 10-20 of us for these Saturday get togethers.

I have to work some Saturdays, and have been to 3 out of the 5 we organised. The first 2 were great, it's what happened at the other 3 which has me puzzled. And what my gal pal said afterwards really irked me.

The age range of the group is mid twenties. All adults, most single. On the 2 occasions I haven't been, the gang all did some skinny-dipping fun. Fine by me, have as much fun as you want. And it's their bodies.

However, the last Saturday I went. Expecting a repeat of the previous 2 Saturdays I wasn't there. The girls decided they didn't want to skinny-dip this time. I was disappointed of course, but accepted it without much issues.

We had a good day, and went home. I walked my gal pal home, and on the way I complained a bit about missing out on the skinny-dipping fun. Here is what she said:

"Oh, that was me. I think I would be mortified if you ever saw me naked. So I asked the girls if we could give it a miss until the next time you are at work."

I was stunned. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that as we were so close, she would find it very uncomfortable if I saw her naked. I left it at that, but I am confused and feel a bit insulted.

So she is fine with guy friends seeing her nude in a fun and safe environment. She obviously is nude with any lovers she takes. However, the close friend (me), which is right in the middle of the two, is ruled out for nudity? Does that make any sense?
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I am seeing a number of suggestions that we see each other as siblings. I don't think this is it, as we nearly dated. We had a great conversation one night about 6 months ago, that she instigated. A long talk in which I was willing for friends with benefits, though she wanted a stronger commitment. We decided not to pursue anything more.

So I know there is some background attraction. That's why I was so shocked at her reason...
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After talking with her, turns out she didn't actually want me to see her friends naked. Her confiding that information, exposed the fact she still has romantic interest in me.

Today is the last bbq day, with the weather changing. And there won't be any skinny-dipping. However, she cooked me dinner last night naked. And she stayed in the nude for the evening to make it up to me.

I don't think I will be dating her still. But she will be providing me with another nude waitress service tonight :)
Close female friend of 7 years, threw an off-hand comment which has angered me a bit. Is there a reason for what she said, and should I be upset?
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