Does she like me more than a friend?

So i met this girl on ig just trying to make new friends and she ended up hanging out with me the same night she gave me her number. We had a couple of beers got high than i went home. The next day I forgot to text her when i got home so she reached out... she thought she was boring me but i assured her that wasn’t the case and it was just cause i was high and sleepy. She said when i left she said to herself that she needed to see me again. We been keeping in contact via text and we are suppose to meetup this weekend. So last night she text me to tell me she bought me a gift and hope I don’t freak out or anything. I thought it was sweet so i asked her to show me. She waited a whole hr to respond back and when she did she FaceTime me. The gift was a matching bra and thong set with a top, caught off guard and a bit surprised i said “wow thank you, you’re too sweet”. Im starting to think this girl is liking me way more than i think.
Does she like me more than a friend?
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