Strange behaviour from workmate?

Hello lads, me and this girl work in the same retail job, we both share the same shifts over the weekend (4 hours) and the first shift I had with her and I just ask her how long she's been working there etc etc. Then next week we talk more and she comes up to me asking me when my shift ends etc etc.

Then we take the same bus after one shift and she asks me to sit next to her and she talks a lot and asks me if I'd do weed, she's scared to do it on her own, etc.
Next week she only (awkwardly) says hi to me and with everyone else she's fine. Few weeks we don't speak to each other and then I catch her staring at me, with full on eye contact so she comes to me the next shift (day after) and she asks me how I am and stares at me once again that day.

Fast forward a few more weeks of not speaking - even though we both saw each other, her friend, the line manager, was about to put on a till next to her but quickly panicked and said don't go on that till but use the till that she (the manager), i. e. so I'm next to the girl.
Is she avoiding me? Should I speak to her?
Strange behaviour from workmate?
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