Boss behavior towards me?

Ok this is an odd situation not sure why my boss is acting pissy or jealous acting maybe? For the past couple of years on and off I compliment her professionally on things say nice appreciative things to her, even told her that too. etc. In away could this have been seen by her a way of flirting? Its well received she's replied with blushing emoticons and aww thank you. We are both married, and we are friends on social media. She stopped liking my posts for a long time and out of the blue she liked a post about celebrating me and my wifes anniversary telling her supportive nurturing things like I did with my boss (on a different level if it that makes any sense)
Soon though after that post she has seemingly turned into a nitpicking and refusing to let people off work, always finding something wrong kinda of attitude. Kind of hard to tell working remotely. But I'm like why would she be getting mad if she is married? Could this woman have feelings? Is that why she's acting out?
Boss behavior towards me?
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