Are relationships build upon self-interests?

Well, I am new to this relationship thing and as much I m trying to know bout it, it concludes to only one point that there is no love or anything like that actually. Its only self-interests that make us choose someone, especially for girls cuz they are a lot pickier in general.

For example I have seen some girls who got married to Asian guys back in the 90s because they were very rich in general or had a lot of power and money both.

For the present scenario too, not many europian or American girls even like to talk with Asian guys but still, I witness some cases every now and then in which a girl marries an Asian guy just because he is rich and all.

I really don't understand this kinda behavior.

Its not only about this tho. There are many more examples which have shown that girls behave in a different way until they believe something about some guy and when they get to know bout reality their behavior completely changes. Like from super nice girl to completely ignorant type of personality.

Tbh whenever I encounter something like this it just hurts me a lot. I really don't know if this earth has left with some nice girls in real or its just everything faking and all.
Are relationships build upon self-interests?
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