She got her karma lol?

Two years ago I ill-treated a girl. I liked her and she also did but I created a bunch of misunderstandings and wouldn't speak to her on my own. I really liked her but played hot and cold, made no effort to see her and expected her to chase me. Would act cocky, act like i didn't know her around my friends. I would never acknowledge her around my large group of friends. I would say HI and walk away , expecting her to come after me and talk.

She did approach me on her own whenever I came close to her.

We werent friends and she was beautiful so I didn't know how to approach her. She had asked me out too, if I was willing to hang out but I declined.

Soon she stopped talking to me because i would pretend like she didn't exist in front of my friends. and she stopped chasing me. This made me angry, vicious and aggressive towards her. I reckon she sensed it because she came over asking me to have a conversation with her but I was pretty rude towards her.

I flst out denied everything we had, saying I didn't remember anything, and also blamed her for ignoring me and not speaking to me. I also refused to listen to her and told her point blank that there is nothing else to talk about and listen to.
She said she wanted to discuss something but I didn't listen to her, ignored her and never spoke to her.

Some people told me karma exists. Well, since I left that girl, I gained a lot. I still don't have a good job but I got a girlfriend after 3-4 months of this whole drama , have a great sex life and have been enjoying my days with my now girlfriend, going on holidays, visiting each others families and friends.

While the girl i heard of suffered quite a bit. She got very sick and I heard she was miserable.

Lol so where's the karma? Doesn't this prove karma doesn't exist and she was wrong hence she faced the repercussions? While today I have a sexy girlfriend with whom I'm enjoying my life?
She got her karma lol?
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