What's wrong with my best friend?

My best friend doesn't really seem like a friend. Can you perhaps tell me (or guess) why she is the way she is?

- She constantly takes unfavorable pictures of me, posts them on social media and links in them or keeps them on her phone
- Once she showed my Crush one of the most unfavorable pictures of me, even though she knew how I felt about him
- Overall humiliates me in front of my crush
- She tells my secrets to her partners
- She insults me and laughs at it as if it were normal for best friends
- She expects so much from me and constantly demands (if I don't want to or can't do everything, we have arguments and gossip about me with girls, about whom she usually wants to gossip with me
- Once she wanted to try a hairstyle on me and backcombed my hair so much that she had to cut knots out of my hair
- She doesn't respect my privacy, always wants to look at my phone, but vice versa (to delete the terrible pictures from me) that is unacceptable
- She doesn't want me to talk to her partners under any circumstances and once almost freaked out when someone asked if I had her boyfriend's number
- She wants me to wear things that I don't want to wear and almost seems to force me
- She doesn't seem to want me to talk to my crush and interrupts me when I do
- When boys in our class (including my crush) secretly made fun of me once, she knew about it and only told me after months (and only because I asked)

That's all I can think of so far. I'm scared of her and don't know what to do. Thanks in advance for helpful answers.
What's wrong with my best friend?
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