She says just friends, but talked about dating?

Normally when a girl says she just wants to be friends I accept the friendship and just let us drift apart.

I let her friendzone me because her energy just felt good, even though I didn’t feel an intense attraction.

We talked like crazy when we met. There was this fun, flirty vibe. I told her I was going to kidnap her and make her my sex slave. The laughed and said she would kidnap me first.

But then she left the country for 2 months. She barely wrote. It was then she made it clear she only wanted to be friends.

When she came back, she reaffirmed her position. I said okay, and continued texting her. But then she sent me a voice memo at midnight, saying she wanted to ask me something. She told she thought about it, and decided that since we’re friends, she’s open to dating. She expressed her desire to talk to me on the phone. Should I clarify her language or take her for her word?
She says just friends, but talked about dating?
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