I'm just curious if I should have been offended... or not?

Ya ever hear a song called "Starboy" by, The Weeknd? ... it also features Daft Punk's musical skills, as well.

I had never even heard of it myself, til this girl I was considering moving to Chicago for, sent it to me the one day. For all intents and purposes though, it was actually a pretty decent song.. ended up downloading it and everything! Lol

Anyway, it was the lyrics that gave me pause, though. Cause the guy singing, pretty much sounded like an asshole, throughout. Cept during the chorus, where he does say things like, "loving his babe" and whatnot. So long as she dont ask him for money! He makes (that) stipulation, abundantly clear! Lol.

Just in case anyone's eye brow may have raised there, I'm far from money hungry... honest.

He also says something about having a white girl pick things up off the floor, with her teeth, too though. Again, to quell any raised eyebrows.. I never so much as even joked bout hurting her. As it's just not really something I do and all. So it'd make litterally (no sense) to base a comparison, with that in mind?

I dunno.. it's a confusing song. But if you were to send it to a love interest..

Would you want them to have received it as the nice gesture it was intended to be? Or that you were trying to get across, just how much of an asshole, ya really thought they were? Or (whatever) other possible motivations, one may have had for doin so.. Long as it was in keeping with the lyrics of the song, obviously.

Course, it may help if I even knew what the hell a "Starboy" was to begin with? Lol. Which is another thing, if he wasn't singing about a girl, I'd swear the guy was gay. I'm (not).. just fyi. Though, it still COULD have been a motivating factor, had she just been feeling like a douche, at the time..

I've been wrestling with this one for a while now and seemed an appropriate venue, in which to inquire. I'd definitely appreciate any kind of insight, ya's may have about her motives and all, though..

So, thankyou... in advance!
I'm just curious if I should have been offended... or not?
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