HER MUM DEAD? What should I do?

My crush called me today asking if someone is given ecg what are the chances of survival?
I could not understand.
I replied there are chances of survival, i dont exactly know how much but yes there are
I asked cardiac arrest?
She said yes
I asked who?
She said my mum
Then she terminated the call
I called 5 min later i wanted to ask exactly what happened
She said her mum's brother died and her mum collapsed in bathroom
Her mum's in the hospital with internal bleeding
I still cannot grasp the whole situation and im afraid to ask her to once again explain me
She was crying so much i couldn't understand a word
She said she was so happy today and this all came suddenly crashing in
Then she said i can't handle anything right now even my sister or anyone and here i am crying on a call with you
Why did i even call you, my best friend didn't pick my calls
I dunno why i called you
Why are you even listening to me?
I said i dont need a reason to do so.
Then she said what should i be doing?
I said, nothing just cry for a while now.
Then someone in her family called her downstairs.
She said i'll call you later, no i won't
I said call me, and if you dont i'll call you
She said dont do that
I said i dont wanna hear anything, i call you and you better pick up
What should i do now?
What should i say to her?
How should i comfort her?
HER MUM DEAD? What should I do?
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