Do you go out of your way to touch guys?

In my lecture class I was going up to ask a question and the girl in front of me asked her question and as she’s going back to her seat she runs into me. She didn’t trip or anything but as soon as she runs into me her fingers go straight to my chest and she presses and goes sorry and laughs a bit and dashes off
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I guess I could reword it better. She was going back to her seat but I think she accidentally ran into me from what I saw. But she wasn’t about to fall or anything so there was no reason what so ever to touch me. She touched me on my chest. Where the chest and the shoulder meet. Another girl in the class came and was looking for a seat and there was plenty of it. But she goes into the row in front of me and sits diagonal of me then gets up and stares at me and then sits in front of me. Wtf?
Do you go out of your way to touch guys?
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