Are modern women just playing victim?

I am tired of this victim mentality most women these days are feeling. You want equal rights, how about equal responsibilities? Why must men pay for everything? Why must women get things for free without having earned them? Why do we still have ladies' nights when women drink for free? Why are women always believed after falsely accusing men? Why do women want men's power without men's responsibilities?

I think that 4th wave feminism is being professional victims. Gone are the good old days that women wanted to work for equal rights. Now these modern knuckle-heads just want to get things on a silver platter. Has it not ocurred to these retarded bitches that the reason why men make more money on average is because men work longer hours, take more risks, and have higher likelihood of dangers?

I refuse to help. Stop playing victims, ladies. Stop stuffing your faces. Get off your glutteus maximi. You can't have your cake and eat it too, which is precisely what the 4th wave feminism is about.
Are modern women just playing victim?
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