How do I get her to admit this?

There was this girl in high school who would always stare at me when I first met her she was on the basketball team and I was a cheerleader and it was three of us helping the coach with something and she asked the other girl what my name was. I also heard her ask this same thing another time after a basketball game when I walked by. She would stare at me all the time and follow me into the lockerroom and bathrooms and stuff and once she tried to talk to me and I brushed her off. She also tried to cross me up another time. She would stand in the middle of a bunch of people sometimes and stare so hard my sister would notice. Once my sister and I were walking and she sees me and then backs up and goes the other way. She left the school the next year but came to visit at homecoming and she was literally staring at me from across the basketball court and in front of everyone. It’s never a hard stare. The one at homecoming was like an “I miss you stare”. now we’re both in college and we have similar friend groups so we’ve been around each other. She still acts kind of weird around me. We’re not besties just acquaintances. The other day I was at her place and it was just us ( everyone else ended up leaving ) and I felt a lot of sexual tension and there were moments when she started staring at me again. I really wanna do it with her and I know she still feels the same. What could we do to speed things up? I’m a girl by the way
How do I get her to admit this?
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