Which girl is better?

She's easy to talk to , I dont feel nervous around her, we have same friends, same agendas , similar political ideologies (sort of), we love sex and having a good time. She dresses pretty sexy too and we go out a lot. We have met families and added them on Facebook, Instagram etc. However I was not attracted to her before we dated. She's also quite childish and immature. She is snobby and arrogant and thinks she's better than most people as she's a leftist woke feminist. she also only likes to listen to what she wants to listen.

She was not my girlfriend but i was insanely attracted to her as she was extremely gorgeous. I fell for her at first sight. But I could barely muster up the courage to speak to her and was nervous or couldn't think of what and how to say to her, didn't share any common friends too. I always was looking to impress her and wanted her to talk to me since i didn't know how to start a convo as we were strangers before. She did speak to me but since I was always expecting her to come to me and talk, the entire situation became a hot mess of miscommunication and misunderstandings. I finally ruined it by rejecting her idea of talking our misunderstandings out. She seemed mature and kind.

So who is better and whom i have a better chance?
Which girl is better?
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