Do girls like helping guys decide on things?

Be it pictures, an outfit, furniture, or house decorations.

I sometimes take photos and can’t decide on which one to use.

I sometimes have trouble deciding on an outfit.

I sometimes can’t decide on what furniture to buy.

I really wish I had a friend or a girlfriend that I could go to for her opinion. But I don’t right now. I have trouble deciding on what makes me looks good. The time we have here is so brief and your appearance or how you come across is so important in attracting that lovely female. I feel like I always have so much that the girls will love but I don’t know how to showcase it. Because most of the time I don’t give a crap what people are saying about this or that.
10 mo
All I can say is that makes me feel amazing 🤤 and so generous. Like I know for me, I will get really taken back and do something very nice for them. Something intuitive and spontaneous. Ugh I want to meet her. Wherever she is out there.
Do girls like helping guys decide on things?
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