Girl was interested until she found out my age. Any way around this?

Barber was flirting with me until she found out she’s 2.5 years older than me. Any advice?

Hey y’all.

Started going to this new barber. She’s really cute and is 22. I’m 20.

We always kind of flirted, but I figured she was just being really nice to get tips... I’d always assume anyone working service is just being nice as it is their job.

Today, when I got my hair cut again (every 14 days I go) she was really really nice.

She brought up her ex, said she was single and got banned from tinder for dumb reasons. Then she asked me if I had fun plans, and I told her about a contest my local airport is having. Basically, if you land a plane on a spot closer than anyone else without going over, you win a dinner cruise. She was like wooooahhh you’re a pilot? I’ll have to come watch you do the contest!!

Then she basically said she’d never date a man younger than her after I said my last ex was immature. She asked how old. I said 20, and she basically said never date another 20 year old. They’re just way too emotional, etc. anyways... I was thinking like fuck, I’m 20. Her ex was 30. She said “I will never date someone younger than me” she was complimenting my hair and such... just being super nice and flirty. She mentioned a google review she got and I said “nice! I get them a lot too!” And she said “yeah, can I leave you a review? I’ll put 10/10 guy!” And I said “I’ll do the same if you do it!” I did leave a review.

She ended up asking me how old I was “oh I’m 20” and she was surprised. “I thought you were older than me!! You’re a baby!”

I guess I give off a vibe of being around 25. I make a really decent living selling furniture, have a nice car and live independently entirely.

Wellll shite. It’s over I’m thinking unless y’all got any good ideas on how to proceed.
Girl was interested until she found out my age. Any way around this?
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