She loves me but she's an idiot, help?

Me and my girl are madly in love with each other, though there's an issue, she's an idiot, let me explain:

I always spoil her with love and affection and she loves and appreciates all of it, so much that I sometimes forget to love myself, she can't give back the same because she's not emotional as I am so she says she wants to make it up to me in other ways.

I always make it clear how she can show love in other ways but she never catches in to what I'm trying to say, and even if she does, she forgets some hours later, and I'm left dry like that until I remind her again or something then I tell her it's okay and whatnot.

I wanna have a direct talk with her about this but she's insecure and I don't wanna make her feel like she's not good enough or hurt her, though I feel it's necessary cuz I'm afraid the fire will burn out soon, I don't wanna love her less to make it fair either.

What the hell do I do?

- lovedry blue anon
9 mo
I dont mean idiot as an insult or disrespect, she calls herself that too, I mean bimbo more than idiot
She loves me but she's an idiot, help?
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