Guys, What is this girl planning or thinking? Do I just move on?

So I am a 21 year old Male in college, and I have a crush on this girl of the same age. In the semester of Fall 2019 in one of my classes she was staring at me on the first day of class. She continued to show signs of interest in me even though she has a boyfriend of 3 months at the time, such as when she would hover around me. I would even see her preen herself near me. I admit that I don't have much experience with girls, but I have never been surer that somebody likes me than she. When Spring finally rolled around I had another class with her. A few weeks in, I asked her if she wanted to study with me at library for the test. While she didn't give a clear answer, she gave me her phone number without me asking. She smiled really brightly when I asked her out, but we never did anything. We have eachother's phone numbers, but we never actually went to study or the like. Instead, she came to all of our fraternities socials afterwards, until Mid-March closed our school down. She would never come to our parties until I talked to her that time. Now it is September, and she is away on a co-op. I happened to see her at a cafe a month ago, but with her boyfriend. I couldn't believe the statistical probability of such an event occurring. I guess she came from out of town to hang with him on the weekend. I didn't expect her to even give me the slightest hint of a recognition, but to my actual amazement she did. She was sitting down and I felt her gaze on me, multiple times, for several seconds at a time, while her boyfriend was sitting down right across from her. The couple didn't seem very talkative. She couldn't have been more than 8 feet away. I didn't really stare back, but I did angle my head in her general direction and moved my eyes to put her in my peripheral. Once her order was ready, she picked it up and left immediately, with a slight nervousness air around herself. Haven't seen her since. What does she mean by all of this? Why was she trying to make eye contact?
Guys, What is this girl planning or thinking? Do I just move on?
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