Girls, Do I owe her an explanation?

Almost 3 months ago I started talking to this girl online through texts and phone calls and about a month and half she "confessed" to me she was starting to feel things for me. I told her i did to and I was thinking everything was going to go well. A week later everything went to shit. She told me was feeling uncomfortable talking about sexual stuff and I asked her if she was also feeling uncomfortable the way she feels about me and she got mad and started talking to me with a repugnant attitude that I shouldn't trust people I meet online or a girl that treats me nice for a week. I ask her if she was relating something to herself and she called me an asshole and started shouting at me. A day passed and i told her i felt about the way she treated me and oh my... Her reply was that I was a fucking dumbass, that had a weak ass mind, that shouldn't mess with her, she even said she was laughing while we were arguing and that she didn't care at all about the topic. After almost a week she apologized to me, and we kept talking about sexual stuff and romantic things, but then she told me she wasn't feeling the same thing, to then a week later she tells me she wasn't feeling nothing at all and her attitude towards me got a little worse.

We kept arguing and i told her i wanted to stop talking to her for some time because of my feelings towards her, i got too attached to her. She got mad at me and called me a child and that it was ridiculous the way i was feeling for her. 3 days has passed and she send me a 10 minute voice apologizing for the way she treated me, and that her mom warned her that she shouldn't do what she did to me because she knew i was going to fall for her. She also said she never felt anything for me and that she wants an explanation about my feelings towards her. I feel uncomfortable having her as friend due to the way she treated me all this time. What should i do?
Girls, Do I owe her an explanation?
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