Why do I hate being called a girl?

I'll take lady (not really woman because it makes me sound old) but not girl. I acknowledge that I am female, but some days, I hate the thought of it. I appear to be strongly female, so I don't question that much, but then, I do things that my mom claims is more like a guy. You wouldn't catch me in a dress and you can barely get me in a skirt. I don't do tea parties and romance movies.
I usually get offended when people try to call me a boy (online it's sometimes hard to tell my gender), but I kind of don't mind when people refer to me as they/them. It feels okay, actually, but I'm still strongly female, and I only wear female clothes, and I'm only attracted to men. So, I don't understand what this is about.
Why do I hate being called a girl?
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