Should I remove her completely from my life?

Back in February when we meetup, she went in my sisters fiancé car, I went in my parents car, she felt ditched, she said to my sister I’m boring Than I went with her in the same car, since April she’s been leaving some of my messages on seen, she added my ex friends who she barley knows took a side of someone she barley knows. she asked one of my friends, why I blocked her, she would add me back, she only talks to me sometimes I’m getting sick of being left on read, I sent a second message she didn’t respond within 4 days. she blocked me spoke behind my back called me stupid blamed stuff on me than she unblocked me telling me she couldn’t stand what happened between me and my ex friends that she was stressed.. she barley puts effort in the friendship. should I remove her?
Should I remove her completely from my life?
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