I cried over the littlest thing, am I sensitive?

I cried today at work, all because a girl probably decided to give me innocent advice but I took it personally because of her tone and she was also being demanding acting as if she knew what I was doing at some point at work when in reality she didn’t, and I also got told earlier to “shut the fuck up” in Spanish after I said something to a girl based off what she said nicely, I never intended anything to be rude. but I assume it was just a joke but the way it came off at that moment was rude, because she looked me dead in the eye and said it, but didn’t laugh so I’m not sure if she was serious, it came from someone I thought that liked me. After the incident, I just went to the bathroom and cried and came back to finish what I had to. Left work, still cried in the car. Am I sensitive or something?
I cried over the littlest thing, am I sensitive?
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