My friend always complains about being attractive?

Every time I talk to her she complains that guys always try to pick her up whenever she goes anywhere, they sometimes call out sexual comments as she walks past, she gets random guys message her on social media... AND she also complains that women hate her cos she’s hot, she gets treated like shit by other women because of how attractive she is.

I’m getting really sick of hearing it cos I personally think it’s mostly in her head. I’ve known her for 20 years and been out with her hundreds of times and it’s nowhere near as bad as what she’s saying. She does have some serious mental health issues though and has been suicidal before so I haven’t told her how obnoxious she is coming across. I just listen to her.

However I feel like shit having to listen to all of the crap. Another thing is I’m also hot and I know women 10x hotter than both of us and none of us complain about being hot.
My friend always complains about being attractive?
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