Girls, Is she pregnant or is it something else?

A year a go me and a girl kinda liked each other but I never made a move as always felt the circumstances would make it awkward. For months she kept on talking about me to her friends. But the ice never got broken because I was nervous and she too. She would always smile to herself when I am around or become shy. She would always look around for me if she saw me. But I moved away for 6 months. I wanted to ask her out when I returned. But now I returned I came about her social media. her Instagram story said “first scan onwards and upwards” which implies she’s is newly pregnant? The likelihood of it being anything else is slim? What else could it be? Am I wrong to assume it pregnancy
I haven’t even added her social media now. I know it was months ago since I saw her but university students was forced to move home. So now I don’t see a point asking her out. it didn’t say she was pregnant but in my opinion for her post to say “first scan , onwards and upwards” must mean one thing?
Girls, Is she pregnant or is it something else?
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