Im in possibly the strangest situation with a woman?

so I've kind of posted about this before but something else has happened since but ill start from the beginning...

I've been working at this job for about 2 and a bit years and this older woman woman kept staring at me, to begin with she would look and when i catch her she would hold eye contact but never talked to me.

As time went on we did slowly start to talk but whenever i caught her looking she would look away really fast and also felt like she was avoiding me, she generally would act really skatty and weird towards me... if we were in conversation she really struggled with eye contact. It felt like she really didn't like me.

Anyway this is the bit that's weird and things changed... end of last week and majority of this week she's been coming up to where i work a lot and asking for help... after a few days of this we was talking and she turned around and said "i thought you were gay" which i said no and was quite shocked by this..

since she suddenly started coming asking me for help she has changed so much, she talking to me normally, holding eye contact, touching my hands, chest, arms.. flirting and being really nice and not avoiding me.

what's your opinions on this?

was she originally angry cause she thought I was gay and she thought nothing could happen between us and stayed away so she wouldn't develop feelings? or am i being shit tested?
Im in possibly the strangest situation with a woman?
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