Girls, I need to get this off my chest because why should I keep avoiding it?

I don't get why I am still single and why other guys are succeeding. Guys i've known since high school or university I know how they talk in the guys change room and they are often negative or only care about having sex with different girls. For me, it was never some infatuation to have sex with different girls. I always wondered, is it me? Does my breath smell? Am I wearing the right clothes? Should I change the way I conduct myself? Should I be more confident? Should I be more sympathetic? Should I give her more space? I even asked my older sisters what should I change about myself? And I changed all that but still nothing.

Girls even on GAG will say, "we don't care about looks, he doesn't seem muscular enough, we don't care about height, we don't care about his education" and yet I have dealt with negative or even racist girls throughout the years. Guy's have said "bro you're strong". Some girls have said "you are short", meanwhile I am 5'9 and can dunk on a basketball rim in the gym. A girl I really liked said "you aren't even done university like 7 years ago" fast forward today and I have an honours in political science, a masters in public policy and completing my law degree. I have dealt with racist girls because of my religion, yet, I don't say rude things about Christianity or Buddhism or Judaism because I have been taught God does not like people who insult other religions like that. Girls seem like I am not physically attractive, yet my sisters friends (who are now in their mid 40s) say, "your brother is a good looking or handsome guy".

I don't f-ing get it, and I know I am not perfect but let me also add, I cook good food, I try to be caring, I try to be funny and etc. But girls are just rude or negative to me, even today in a terrible economy girls will be asking me for money. How come the guy has to always be the one to change himself, how come girls don't look in the mirror and say "maybe it's her as well?". I don't get it
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The thing is, now guys are categorized into stupid areas "desperate" or "simp". Please, i'm sorry girls, but I know how some guys openly talk in the guys change rooms where they may seem so confident and cool but really they are not. Please don't say "maybe you are looking for girls in the wrong spot"... Um, I don't go to bars or annoying spots where girls love to party and etc... I actually avoid girls like that. I know this post will probably garner more hate, negativity or maybe no replies.
Girls, I need to get this off my chest because why should I keep avoiding it?
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