Am I right to be weirded out?

So me and my best friend got drunk at one of my cousin's place 2 months ago
And ever since that day, she disappeared and said she doesn't feel like talking to anyone and stopped contacting me

Then today, she texted me:
"Hey girl, whats up? Miss you! Should catch up this weekend?"

And I replied "yes definitely; miss u too! U wna go have dinner at the city?"

Then she replied "how about come over to my place and we can watch movies and chill?"

I said "ok cool"

Then she messaged me:
"So are you seeing anyone? I feel like you are.."

And then I got weirded out
By the way, she is bisexual but we been friends for more than 10 years

The thing thats weird is because she didn't ask me "what u been up to?" Or "hows work or life going?"

But went straight to asking about my dating life?

I asked my cousins and mutual friends.. and they think she has feelings for me.

Im confused and weirded out
Im straight lol
Yeah thats quite weird
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Am I right to be weirded out?
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